Hyperledger and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Join Forces

This is a big deal. On the surface, the two largest alliances to promote enterprise blockchain adoption are agreeing to work together. That in itself is a good thing. No question. There have been silent and not so silent pushes within the Hyperledger community to start ethereum testing and cross-compatibility for a while. However, my take on this is somewhat different in that some browsers (arguably the key to unlocking mainstream adoption) are starting to have ethereum wallets built-in (from Coinbase Wallet (https://wallet.coinbase.com) to Chrome (w/ the Metamask plugin)). However, mid-summer, Opera announced that they are building ethereum wallets directly into the browser as a part of their upgrade strategy.  While their market share is only ~1% at present, when you remove Internet Explorer and Edge (e.g. Microsoft a company notorious for being the second mover) the numbers shift a bit. In summary, we are witnessing the core component of the how users are to interact with blockchains become part of a browser. That mixed with the two largest alliances agreeing to collaborate is a huge deal. No clue what the price of ethereum will do in the short-term; however, long-term I am remain quite bullish.

So, when will Apple and/or Google add it to Safari by default? Is it now inevitable? I think so.