DX.Exchange has just recently announced that they are bringing the stock market custody business to the Ethereum Blockchain. If you buy 1 share of Microsoft, they will peg 1:1 with a ERC20 token that you can hold in your digital wallet. Of course you now introduce new custody “risk” that is exists outside of your normal custodian / brokerage firm. No doubt traders are chomping at the bit to take advantage of what will certainly be new volatility in the market. However, as I have written in the past, MakerDAO, would now be able to add a new collateral pool to their mix. Granted we are really early in this process, but at last count, the equity markets account for some $70+ Trillion in assets with the debt market being $220+ Trillion. If there is now *ONE* custodian in the world that will allow you to tokenize a security, either A) that custodian will be shutdown or B) there will be more than one. In the case that it is more than one, I would argue that MakerDAO stands the most to gain as they now have a new ever increasing pool of assets to allow to be encumbered and thereby used as collateral for DAI creation. 2019 is off to an amazing start. Where will this project be in 12 months. Watch out!