The paper discusses the convergence between classic circuit theory, field and wave electromagnetics influences on transmission lines, blockchain applications, and monetary policy. Further, when the benefits of each are applied together, participants can constructively compute efficient parameters to optimize monetary policy. 

In the modern fractional reserve banking system, the concept of “cash” is both created and destroyed. While in the electrical engineering world, electrons are not created rather they are motivated to move by the 3rd party actions of another (e.g. a generator starting to spin and the induced magnetic field causing the movement of electrons along a path desired by the participant) so to with the creation of money.

Arguably the single greatest invention of the 21st century will be the “blockchain”. Further, the notion that a blockchain is a “monetary transistor” that injects certainty to a public transaction. When participants are aware of the certainty around possible outcomes, economic commerce can and does flourish.


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