Matt is a serial entrepreneur and "recovering engineer" with a big picture view of various industries reinforced with a global economic and engineering perspective. Matt earned a Master in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

MKR Smart Contract Delegate Address:


Code of Conduct / Liability

LOYALTY  - Maintain a steadfast consistent devotion to what it is in the best interest for any MKR delegate while under my voting control / authority.


INTEGRITY - Doing what is right, especially when no one is looking. Act all ALL times with honesty and transparency 


SIZE - Core commitment is to the risk reduction and value appreciation of MKR. This applies as a matter of principle and irrelevant if MKR delegated is 0.1 or 100,000 MKR.


DUE CARE - A commitment to professional review with appropriate education and experience prior to each vote.


CONFLICTS OF INTEREST - Avoid where possible, mitigate when needed. Always disclose in writing any conflicts. Decline any external compensation.


PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE - This space is evolving fast. Maintaining knowledge in this space is critical. Remain active in the community and be aware of current events.


AVAILABILITY - Maintain accessibility with office hours with zoom / recurring meetings and on ad hoc basis and be available to explain rationale behind decision making if requested.


RECORD - Maintain a record of decision making with support.


OBLIGATION - You are under no obligation to delegate your MKR to me. I am under no obligation to continue being your delegate.


ABILITY TO STOP - You can and SHOULD stop your delegation of your MKR to me should you determine that your MKR would be better served elsewhere.


COMMUNICATION TO STOP - Should my ability to be your MKR delegate be reduced / removed, I will communicate well in advance to allow any MKR delegated an opportunity to cease their delegation or delegate to another.


DUTY OF CONFIDENTIALITY - Communication directly with me (including identity) will always be kept in strict confidence.


TIME REQUIREMENT - Currently, this is a part-time self-imposed obligation. Full disclosure, there are other activities to which I am committed for the remainder of my time.




WAIVER OF LIABILITY - Your continued delegation of your MKR confirms your continual waiver of any and all types of liability related to my voting. You push the buttons that can start the delegation and also take the responsibility to stop the delegation.

Conflict of Interest - Disclosure

I am the managing director of 6s Capital LLC that has an active Real-World Asset structure within the Maker protocol (RWA001-A).

Last Updated: 16 May 2021


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